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Pandemic Survival

Image by CDC

The Black Death. Spanish Flu. SARS.


History is full of terrible pandemics, and surviving them has shaped our society and way of life. Today, every person is alive because of an ancestor who lived through those pandemics -- and surviving current and new pandemics will determine our future.


Researching the book, Ann and Jane dug deep and found that their own ancestors survived polio, typhoid, scarlet fever, typhus, and more. And they share a lingering symptom from writing about plagues and epidemics -- the urge to wash hands …

Enjoy the great art by Bill Slavin.

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Here are some activities to help make sense of your COVID-19 experiences.

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Write What You Know

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Create a Covid-19 Time Capsule: Your memories make History!

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Keeping Safe: From PPE to Crazy Cures


"... I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn medical history, although this does not read like a textbook, more of a story book focusing on the gross stuff. I loved it and can't wait to read it to my son when he is a bit older."

-  Aussie Bookworm

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