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Write What You Know

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Do you dream of becoming a published nonfiction author? Write the final chapter on COVID-19 for Pandemic Survival: It’s Why You’re Alive. After all, you are an expert.

Consider all the changes you’ve lived through. What might grab a future reader’s interest?

You could start by thinking up categories such as Before COVID-19, During COVID-19, and maybe even After COVID-19: school, meals, hanging out with friends, sports and entertainment, sleeping patterns, exercise, celebrations, fears, family life, travel, and more. 

What changed? What changes were/are good, bad, and ugly?

Are there categories that may never change back in the future after COVID-19? Bringing to life a lost way of life could make a great hook to draw your future reader in. Can you believe – you might say – we used to share squirts from the same water bottle on the player’s bench? 

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If you can’t think into the future, you could try looking into the past. What wouldn’t a reader before COVID-19 expect as a consequence of the pandemic? Do you have a story of on-line schooling that is funny? Can you believe – you might say – I had an online interview with my teacher wearing my PJ bottoms?

Create a glossary of COVID-19 terms for readers. How would you explain in very few words social distancing? self-isolation? flattening the curve? PPE? an asymptomatic carrier such as Typhoid Mary (pictured here)? or other COVID-19 terms. 

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