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Alien Invaders

Agrilus planipennis - Emerald ash borer.

Alien Invaders: Species That Threaten Our World introduces readers to real-life aliens and how they wreak havoc on Nature.


Learn about invasive species -- including humans -- that have gradually made their way into existing ecosystems, bringing destruction, disease, and chaos.


Detailed examples include longtime animal invaders such as cane toads, emerald ash borers, and rats. Plant destroyers include purple loosestrife, potato fungus, and Dutch elm disease. Enjoy the art by Mark Thurman.

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Are you ready to stop an attack by Alien Invaders in your community?


Identify invading species that are killing off your local wildlife and take action! An online search asking for “invasive species in the name of your community/town/region” will give you options.

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"Engaging text ... treats the topic like a horror movie..." -

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