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The Kids Book of the Night Sky

Image by guille pozzi

What catches your eye in the night sky? Do you look for the Big Dipper? Or try to find a wishing star?


In The Kids Book of the Night Sky, you'll discover all the secrets the night sky holds. Play a game of "Night Sky I Spy," keep an astronomer’s log, read night sky myths and legends from different cultures around the world, and learn about the zodiac, the northern lights, eclipses, and more. Then, as the sun goes down and the sky gets dark, you'll be ready for an all-star show!

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Spin a Campfire Night Sky Tale

Stories about the night sky have entertained people sitting around campfires since ancient times. Sometimes single bright stars and sometimes groupings or constellations have sparked a spellbinding tale.

You can turn the night sky into a campfire storytelling game.


"This amazing book will help children sharpen their star sense..." the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

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