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Rewilding is an exciting new strategy to restore natural places and wildlife to their former strength and glory in a reasonably short time. Read about rewilding projects around the world in remote areas as well as downtown city cores. 

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Pandemic Survival

A lively history of the world from the point of view of pandemics that have wreaked havoc, killed billions, challenged science, and changed everything as people recovered. A look back at how our ancestors coped with what we are living today! Everyone reading this book is alive because their ancestors survived.

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Alien Invaders

Millions cross oceans as stowaways, thousands hitchhike on truck trailers, untold numbers curl up in airplane landing gear, or sneak into the folds of luggage. Some even swagger across borders in broad daylight, their passage enabled by careless humans. Read about invasive species that have moved in and taken over existing eco-systems, bringing destruction, disease, and chaos.

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Kids Book of the Night Sky

For thousands of years, kids connected stars into shapes and stories of people, animals, and monsters. And they used the stars to tell the time and find their way home. With this guide to the sky, you can locate and identify stars and constellations using detailed sky charts, make your own sky watching equipment, read exciting celestial stories, and play games that will take you out of this world.

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The Kids Campfire Book

Make every summer night a success with well-laid plans and fires! Eat, play games, tell stories, watch the stars, identify night sounds, and sing along with family and friends.

Get Outside

This book is your key to a world of fun beyond the front door. Activities include: Nature Lover, Outdoor Fun and Games, Cozy Inside, and Look to the Sky. Make sundials, bird feeders and kites or follow the rules and play games such as 500 up, Spud, and Shinny.

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Talking Tails

Are you a Cat Person or Dog Person? Why does a giraffe make a lousy pet? All your questions answered in this informative and playful look at the relationship between pets and people through the ages.

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Snow Amazing

Celebrate the wonders of snow – from the formation of a snowflake, to the swish of a toboggan, to the pounce of a lynx. Be surprised by terrifying stories of endurance, while gaining respect for the amazing wildlife that make snow their home.

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For thousands of years, kids everywhere have savoured sweet treats made from milk, fruit, sugar cane, honey or sap. Find out what tasty concoctions come from trees, roots, cows, or bees. Learn the secrets of candy makers and read the timeline for the sweet and sour facts of candy history. 

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Yes You Can

Yes You Can! presents nine steps to social change in a handbook for teens. From fascinating accounts of the founding of organizations such as Pollution Probe, Amnesty International, and Save the Children, to strategies on how to run an effective meeting, write a petition, and lobby governments, Yes You Can! is an inspiration for every person who is passionate about making the world a better place. 

Cool Woods

Step into the woods. The wet ground – springy with moss – soaks your shoe. Shut your eyes and breathe deeply. A mix of wild skunk, mushrooms, and fragrant fir tingles your nose. Welcome to the boreal forest -- the last great forest left on Earth.

Keeping up with Jax and Rupert

Climate change, ice melt, carbon footprint -- how do you get your mind around it all? Check out this interactive Apple ibook for a good story and solid information. You'll need an iPad or iPhone to read and interact with this book.

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