Spin a Campfire Night Sky Tale

Stories about the night sky have entertained people sitting around campfires since ancient times. Sometimes single bright stars and sometimes groupings or constellations have sparked a spellbinding tale.


You can turn the night sky into a campfire storytelling game.


Start the game by asking every person to look up and point out key stars and constellations.

One person starts the story – perhaps you. You could say, ‘See that evil red star at the bottom of the Milky Way? That is all that is left of a cosmic monster that threatened [you choose what, where, when, and why].’ After your opener, you say ‘And then…’


The person on your right adds the next event or idea to the story and finishes with ‘And then…’ It’s a good idea to give each contributor a time or line limit – say one minute or three sentences.


The story carries on around the campfire as many times as you can keep it fun and alive.

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