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Publicize Ways to Stop an Attack by Alien Invaders

Invaders photo1 bird flu.png

Identify invading species that are killing off your local wildlife. An online search asking for “invasive species in the name of your community/town/region” will give you options.


Find out the best way to control the ones in your area and choose one that is possible for you to tackle. You will want to find out how it kills off native wildlife as that may be the key to persuading people to help you stop it from spreading.


Don’t forget — COVID-19 is an invasive species too! Lots of infectious diseases in people are alien invaders hopping from one species to our species such as the bird ‘flu! 

You can choose to tackle a serious plant invader such as garlic mustard,  dog-strangling vine, or purple loosestrife pictured here.

There will be a best time and way to remove it in your area — just pulling the plant out may make the problem worse. Your local conservation authority will have recommendations


Find a dramatic way to inform your neighbours how to stop its spread — video? poster? work gang?

purple loostrife.png
Zebra mussels.jpeg
  • Some animal invasive species are possible to tackle with publicity too. Zebra mussels, for instance, spread from lake to lake by hitchhiking on boat trailers, fishing gear, and wading boots. You can create posters for boat ramps asking people to clean down their gear before putting it in the water. Or you find social media sites frequented by boaters and fishers to place a dramatic posting.

  • And, of course, hand washing and social distancing are good preventers of virus invaders...

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