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Create a Covid-19 Time Capsule: Your Memories Make History!

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What will people living in 2120 think about the Covid-19 Pandemic? Now, we look back on other plagues and pestilences and find that the human stories help make sense of terrible situations. We try and pinpoint where the disease started – who was patient 0? How many people got sick? When did the authorities declare the pandemic over?

Covid-19 is often compared to the Spanish flu of 1919 – a respiratory illness that started with a dry cough and fever, spreading fast among crowded groups of people – especially troops returning home from World War I. Scientists have been studying the Spanish Flu for almost 100 years to help prepare for the next big pandemic. And now it is here.

You may not be able to predict or help with the care of patients in a future pandemic, but your experience of Covid-19 can give a snapshot of what it was like for a young person. Make a time capsule including as many details as possible.

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  • Choose a container like a cookie tin or large Tupperware that will seal tightly. Label it clearly with permanent marker, lettering, and /or stickers.

  • What to include: a sample of your school work; your art showing who is in your “bubble,” a wrapper from your favourite Pandemic snack, a print out of headlines from the paper that caught your eye…

  • What else happened in the world while the Pandemic raged? Did you take part in a Black Lives Matter protest? Did you design a poster?

Thinking about a “Day in the life of ME, during the Covid- 9 Pandemic,” will give you ideas of that to include in your time capsule.

  • Use objects to record an hour by hour description of how you passed your time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • 7 am breakfast – cereal again… (cereal box lid)

    • 8 am pillow fight with my sister (feather from the pillow fight)

    • 4pm Mom’s last Zoom meeting of the day (The well worn deck of cards you used to play Crazy 8’s while keeping quiet.)

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