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Building Bridges: Make a Wildlife Corridor in Your Community


Why did the turtle cross the road? Just like that old joke, she wanted to get to the other side. Unfortunately for turtles, snakes, toads, frogs, salamanders and many other creatures, safe travel is often impossible when habitat is shared with people.

Turtles are hardwired when it comes to laying their eggs. At nesting time, turtles will cross highways, ford streams, amble along ditches, through pastures, unstopped by the dangers of traffic or predators. They MUST get where Nature is urging them to go.

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  • If you come across a turtle on the move, digging a nest, or emerging hatchlings peeking out into the world, decide if they need a bridge or barrier to keep them safe, while also keeping them wild.

  • Turtles can hatch anywhere they choose – even on a popular hiking and biking path in the middle of a conservation area. Some well placed stones can guide the turtles to the habitat they need and keep humans on the other side of the trail.

  • A permanent sign – TURTLE CROSSING or SALAMANDERS ON THE MOVE or WATCH OUT FOR FROGS AND SNAKES – will alert people to give them space and avoid road kill. Contact government authorities and ask them to install a proper sign. In the meantime, you can make a poster and place it where you’ve seen turtles trying to cross.

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